About the Library


The University Library is located at the center of MUST campus for the convenience of students and faculty. It is a four-story building with a basement. There are many sections: a periodical section, a new books display section, a reference books section and a database search section. There are also meeting rooms, a study room, a gallery and an exhibition hall. A multimedia center, and stacks of Chinese and foreign language literature in this 6,300 square meters floor space.

The University Library is consisted of the Division of Acquisitions and Cataloging, the Division of Reader Services and the Division of Information System. In 2002, the digital system, "Millennium", was adopted by University Library. Millennium is an integrated system providing modules to automate periodical management and article circulations. It also offers Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) for faster and efficient service.

Developmental Features

The University Library provides wireless internet service and video-on-demand (VOD) service. The library periodically offers seminars to promote the usage of library resources. MUST students and faculty also receive updates on new collections and obtain information through monthly library electronic newsletters.

The library provides virtual office hours to serve users. The online services includes acquisition recommendations, rush cataloging service, borrowing record search, missing item search, and FAQ service. The library has created two new sections: “The Health & Leisure Section” and “The Childhood Education Section”. The collection for these two sections will be a distinguishing feature in the University Library.

Future Prospects

MUST is planning to build a system for Institutional Repository. We also plan to digitalize all its collections to save space and to provide more efficient services online.

Library and Information Office

icon Chu-Kuo Chang 

Title Dean
Email ckc45@must.edu.tw
Tel 03-5593142 # 2510
Managing the Library and Information Office
Substitute Jian-Cheng Tai; Paul T.B. Ger

icon Jian-Cheng Tai 

Title Vice Dean
Email jessedai@must.edu.tw
Tel 03-5593142 # 2530
Education Jiaotong University Information Project Research institute Doctor
Managing the information Services
Substitute Shu-chen Lin; Chi Wang
icon Shu-chen Lin
Title Secretary
Email linshu@must.edu.tw
Tel 03-5593142 # 2511
Education Tamkang University
1.Selection & Acquisition of Library Materials
2.Cataloging and Classification
Substitute Chi Wang